train to improve your performance

How to train to improve your performance.?


Would you say you train for fun or for performance? Fortunately, they are not mutually exclusive! Here are ten advantages to moving for fun while focusing on performance and surpassing oneself.


It’s so much easier to give 100% when the passion is there. Athletes are a good example. They push their passion further because they love what they do. And this dedication pays off, because the results are felt, generating a sense of pride, a growing desire to succeed and an increasingly high level of motivation. Although there are more difficult times, the love of sport is generally stronger than anything and overcomes the greatest obstacles.

The mastery of his art

To train like an athlete is to get in shape with the intention of mastering your craft. It also means developing specific abilities for your sport and deepening certain related subjects such as nutrition (eating well to maximize performance), sports psychology (thinking like a winner), recovery as well as injury prevention and management. . Behaving like an athlete means seeing your training as a high-level athlete and making it your way of life.

The lifestyle

Developing healthy lifestyle habits is not always easy. But remember that once these are installed, they become a reflex that you no longer have to think about. Getting up early, getting enough sleep and moving daily are lifestyle habits that take hold when you know the reason for adopting these behaviors.

The philosophy

Performance training promotes beautiful values ​​such as respect, mutual aid, team spirit, the notion of sacrifice and excellence. To do this, you have to surround yourself with the right people, distance yourself from the negative ones and always work harder. Paradoxically, you also have to know when to stop when necessary and find the right balance between “quality” and “quantity” when it comes to the time spent perfecting your art.


The feeling of surpassing oneself is not only rewarding, but necessary.To do this, he must have the right attitude. Being optimistic and taking steps every day in the given direction are two behaviors that will ensure this progress.

Mental toughness and visualization

Mental strength is the inner voice that you have to know how to listen to and at times ignore. It is a question of taking account of this internal discourse if it is encouraging and of silencing it, even transforming it, when it raises doubts. Visualization is the mental capacity of human beings to represent a situation. Several world-class athletes use this technique to improve their performance, both in training and in competition.


Becoming very good in a discipline has a positive effect on confidence. To achieve this, it is necessary to step out of your comfort zone and confront your fears. As far as the physique is concerned, exercising regularly beautifies the body and generates a beautiful self-image, one of the main components of self-esteem and self-confidence. On the mental level, sport allows you to push your limits, then to see the exploits achieved.

The level of stress

Often considered the evil of the century, stress is nevertheless a normal reaction of adaptation of the body and the mind to life situations. The athlete must be able to assimilate stress and take advantage of it since either stress generates energy or it becomes an obstacle It’s about getting to know yourself well in order to be able to identify your optimal stress zone. Also, we must learn to regulate stress when it is at a non-optimal level, both in sport and in everyday life

Sport brings discipline. You have to get up sometimes early in the morning, surpass yourself when you don’t necessarily want to, push even if you’re very tired and accept constructive criticism, with the ultimate goal of becoming better. Why make all these sacrifices? Because the game is worth the candle! When you achieve a goal you set for yourself, overcome a major obstacle or see the light at the end of the tunnel, the gratification is immediate.

In addition to knowing that taking your sport seriously leads to results, believing in what you are doing allows you to realize how much is possible. What seemed unattainable at the beginning of the process quickly becomes second nature. Challenges increase exponentially and dreams come true.

You are ready to throw yourself body and soul into your sport with the mentality of an athlete. Combine business with pleasure by training for fun while focusing on performance and surpassing oneself. Good training!

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