lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat


Uncomfortable in a bathing suit, tight in your jeans, tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own body? Here is a workout program that will help you lose belly fat. But beware! It is important to understand that weight loss by region is only possible if the proposed exercises are accompanied by cardiovascular training and a healthy diet.

Where are the abs locatedĀ 

The abs are muscles located in the center of the body and extend from the chest to the pelvis. To strengthen them, we offer six exercises targeting respectively the rectus, the external oblique, the internal oblique (the obliques), the transverse and the pyramidal.

The plank: strengthening the stabilizing muscles

Place yourself in a quadriped position, that is to say hands and knees on the ground.

Go over the forearms and toes, then lift your body, keeping it as straight as possible.

Hold the position for 30 seconds (or as long as you can), then release by returning to your knees.

Now try the side plank. This exercise is slightly more difficult than the classic plank because you only have two points of contact with the ground (an arm and a leg), which works the abdominal core more. Thus, it is enough to lengthen on the side the forearm placed on the ground (shoulder in line with the elbow), raise the pelvis and hold the position.

The V: target the obliques

In a seated position, tilt your trunk and lift your legs. Be sure to perform the exercise correctly by keeping your back very straight, while tilting your trunk slightly backwards.

Sit-ups: firm up upper and lower abdominal muscles

The stretched arms semi-crunch: upper stomach

Lie on your back with your arms extended and your knees bent at 90 degrees and lift your shoulders. Although this exercise targets the upper abs, it must be understood that the abdominals are interrelated, so that even if the emphasis is on the lower belly, or on a specific section, the abs are nevertheless solicited in their whole.

Same starting position, raise your head and shoulders slightly, then bring your shoulder towards the knee while straightening your right leg. Then continue on the other side. Do between one and three sets of fifteen repetitions.

The reverse crunch: lower abdomen

This exercise allows you to focus your efforts on the lower abdomen. The abdominal contraction is carried out by keeping the legs motionless. Important clarification: the movement is intended to be small, so only lift the hips slightly.

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