CBD Which mode of administration to choose?


What is CBD exactly?

Cannabidiol  commonly called  CBD  is only the scientific name given to the molecule, it is a cannabinoid found in  cannabis  or  hemp  since it is the same plant.

But all the designations of the “cannabis light” type and all the prejudices that weigh on the use of natural extracts of this plant invite us to recall the different ways of consuming Cannabidiol and to compare them with each other so that you can find the one that suits you. The use of CBD  is not exclusively reserved for smokers / vapers. For the record, historically, hemp was used by cattle breeders to treat their animals. CBD is commonly used among more and more elderly people who use it in addition to or as an alternative to traditional therapeutic treatment.

As a dietary supplement ,  CBD brings beneficial effects on the health of the individual. Indeed, CBD acts as a homeostatic regulator and thus supports the way the body balances the different biological systems. Respecting this balance is essential for the body to enable it to actively fight against the fluctuations linked to the physical and mental health of the individual.

CBD in France

Cannabidiol is mainly found  today in France in the form of CBD flowers , CBD  e -liquids , CBD oil ,  pure CBD crystals, CBD  balms  , CBD  capsules  , CBD patches or candies. CBD…

New  innovative modes of administration should see the light of day in the years to come, as scientific research and applications of  CBD  are numerous (eg energy drinks, CBD suppositories, CBD aerosol), despite everything, here is a user guide that will allow you to  make the right choice between the main ways to consume CBD today.

Be careful with the name, we are not talking in this article about cannabis oils or cannabis in general, but about Cannabidiol products, which are completely legal in France.

PharmaHemp CBD paste box

What exactly is CBD oil?

It is a natural remedy , based on pure and naturally present components in hemp, resulting from a CO2 extraction , associated with a carrier oil. . CBD oil is a blend of hemp extracts concentrated in cannabinoids including CBD, with different concentrations of CBD possible, mixed with a neutral carrier oil (olive oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut MCT oil). intended for sublingual use.

Additionally, after a comprehensive review by the World Health Organization (WHO) , CBD oil was found to be “well tolerated.” A study that also found that CBD oil did not exhibit any effects that could lead to abuse risks or addiction.

It brings a certain balance necessary to the organization to reach an optimal well-being, particularly useful for the adults and the people at an advanced age, whose organization requires the greatest care and the greatest attention.

How it works ?

sublingual cbd

The desired number of drops of CBD oil should be placed  under the tongue 30 to 120 seconds  before swallowing, allowing the active compounds of  Cannabidiol (CBD)  to be  absorbed through the oral mucous membranes. Same thing for CBD pastes with the difference that you have to rub the paste against the gums.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

The main advantage of the sublingual mode is to allow CBD to bypass digestive absorption  and direct metabolism by the liver, allowing the  active ingredients of CBD to reach the bloodstream  and interact faster  and  more effectively. A fast, safe and healthy process that results in fast and effective effects.

The other major advantage is the speed of action. The  first effects  of Cannabidiol are felt  5 to 20 minutes  after a sublingual intake of CBD in general and last 2 to 4 hours.

CBD oil in medical cannabis

The sublingual route  is the method of administration recommended by doctors and  frequently prescribed  in countries where  CBD  and  Cannabis  are distributed and  medically supervised .

Epidiolex for example, developed by GW Pharmaceuticals, against severe forms of epilepsy , is in fact a high concentration CBD- based oil  . The sublingual route allows rapid effects  associated with  optimal absorption  of the active components of  CBD  by the body for high bioavailability, while presenting  no risk  associated with taking.

It is a method adapted to so-called therapeutic cannabis in countries that have chosen to legalize the medical use of cannabis, mainly because this method presents no risk related to combustion and combines rapidity and effectiveness of effects.

Colors and differences?

The taste of  CBD  oil can vary, dark or even black colored oils (raw CBD oils  in general) taste bitter and earthy while amber colored oils  have complex terpene aromas  obtained through purification more oil  thrust . (we speak of decarboxylation). Choose your CBD oil like an expert

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