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What are the advantages of further training to become a nurse?


The statistics say it all. Projections show that more than 200,000 new nursing positions will be created every year between now and 2031. The country has more than 4 million registered nurses, and they are the largest component of healthcare professionals. They are, in fact, one of the largest segments of the American workforce.

Why are so many men and women choosing nursing as a career? What is it that draws people to the profession?

You may be contemplating a career transition into nursing, thinking about the kind of training you would have to get, and also wondering what the benefits are of becoming a nurse.

Ask many in the profession why they chose it and you will hear statements such as, “The reason why I became a nurse was to make a lasting contribution in healthcare within my community” such as nurses asked from Carson-Newman University, or “I observed a need in my community for better healthcare”, or even “A career as a nurse practitioner is an opportunity to make a difference to patients under my care.” They are committed to empowering parents and their families and helping them reach their health goals. Some people say that they are nurses because of family influence.

While these are valid reasons, it is important to explore all the benefits of being a nurse before you make a career change. It is a momentous life decision, and it is best to go into it with a good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks.

Why should you choose the nursing profession?

You will help people achieve health and wellness

This is the most basic reason to become a nurse practitioner, and that is why you’ll often hear it said that nurses need to be compassionate, empathetic people.

The role of the nurse has always been to care for the sick, but it has expanded in recent decades and nurses now play a bigger role in healthcare.

Many nurses specialize in a chosen field; some are authorized to write prescriptions; and a significant number provide home healthcare services.

It is a career that allows practitioners to specialize

During the early part of the 19th century, the role of the nurse was universal. They helped make patients comfortable and dispensed medications as directed by the doctor.

Today, it is much bigger, and there are numerous specialties that practitioners can choose from. Some nurses go into family medicine, others opt to specialize in elder care. Some are trained to help chronically ill patients, and others only work with children and teenagers.

Whatever your interest, look at the variety of specializations that are available to nurses to see whether you can get specific training for it.

Nurses can rise within the organizational chart

Nurse managers have become a necessity within healthcare institutions. These are professionals who are trained in nursing as well as management. You can think of them as healthcare professionals who have an MBA.

They play a big role in planning, budgeting, dealing with providers, liaising with management on behalf of other nurses, and even fundraising.

Nurses have transferrable skills

If at a certain point in your career you would like to take on a less demanding role, you can become a nurse educator. These professionals work in universities and colleges to train other nurses through online and in-person classes.

You can practice anywhere in America

One of the best things about choosing nursing as a profession is that wherever you go in America, your skills will be in demand.

Different states have different licensure requirements, so you will need to do some exams, but they are not difficult and most nurses make the transition with ease.

Your skills are in demand beyond borders

Certain nursing specialties qualify you for international jobs. If you are the sort of person who has always wanted to see the world, this would be a good option.

Many non-governmental organizations recruit nurses to work in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. Nurses are also sent in to assist those affected by humanitarian disasters.

You can be a private nurse

This is a fast-growing profession, and it usually involves caring for elderly or chronically ill patients. Private nurses can also help people recuperate after a long illness or an accident.

Rather than have these patients stay in a hospital, they are attended to at home by a qualified private nurse who undertakes many duties that would be otherwise done by a doctor.

Private nurses negotiate their salaries and benefits directly with their employers, and many earn more than regular nurses.

Nurse practitioners enjoy flexibility

While it is true that nurses are busy professionals, they enjoy some degree of flexibility in their work.

Instead of working every day from nine to five, they work several shifts in a row and then have a few days off.

This is their time to rest, catch up with family and pursue hobbies. Some also take their days off to attain more qualifications. They may be enrolled in online courses to help them move up the career ladder.

Nurses work in a diverse environment

If you are looking to work within a diverse environment, nursing is a great choice. America has nurses from different countries, cultures and races. Many healthcare facilities have taken active steps to create a diverse workplace so that they can cater to a diverse population.

Practitioners enjoy job security

Job security is not something that people in all professions get to enjoy. However, if you become a nurse, you can expect to be employed until you retire. You will also enjoy benefits such as free medical care, partial tuition if you want to go back to school, and paid holidays.

Your job is interesting

No two days are alike in nursing. You meet all types of people, both patients and colleagues. It makes for a rich professional life, and you are never bored.


Nursing has become a recognizable, respected profession. Those who go into nursing cite some of the reasons outlined above, but there are many others. A career change is a big decision and you may be a little nervous, but remember that your new profession will bring you all the above benefits and more.

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