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Training: 10 tips to achieve your goals.?


Maximize your training time with these 10 tips that will help you reach your goals and get real results.

Be efficient

Whatever physical activity you choose, be strategic and efficient. Minimize your prep and travel time, and maximize the time you spend on the move. To do this, reduce the minutes given to go from point A to point B, change quickly, and have a plan of what you will do for your exercise session (improvise as little as possible!). Don’t linger in the shower afterwards either. You have to make sure that in the end, you will have spent more time moving than transitioning between what you were doing before, and what you will be doing after activating.

Have a clear training plan

If it’s strength training, know which muscles you want to work. If it’s cardio, know what machines you’ll be using or what DVD (fitness capsule, apps, games, etc.) you’ll be watching. Losses of time, no matter how small, can have a huge impact on your performance and motivation.

Get a personal trainer or life coach

To help you stay motivated, and to have a safe training program specific to your needs, hire a trainer. Some will prefer to consult their coach on a regular basis while others will simply make an appointment with him when the season changes or when they want to vary their movement sequence.

Vary your training

To help you stay motivated, change up your exercise routine often. In addition to helping you maintain your good healthy lifestyle habits, this way of doing things will help you avoid reaching a ceiling, and by doing so, constantly surpassing yourself. By doing so, you will achieve your most unattainable goals.

Stay informed

Take the time to educate yourself and deepen your knowledge of the sport you practice. Pick up books from the library, read a book at the bookstore, subscribe to a fitness magazine, etc. All the ways are good to stay informed about the sport on which you invest time and money.

Write down your goals

Keep a journal, and be specific and detailed about the information you enter in it. Although you’re not preparing for the Olympics, take this exercise seriously. Set clear, measurable goals specific to your needs.

Document your journey (supporting photos)

In the age of the selfie , do not hesitate to take photos since the concrete proofs of your evolution, even of your progress, will speak for themselves. It’s so easy to forget where you started, so seeing how far you’ve come will play a crucial role in your level of motivation. And over time, you’ll even enjoy posing for the camera, and you’ll want to share your journey with those around you and your virtual friends.

Leave room for inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere: from TV shows, movies, books, podcasts , not to mention music, a great source of inspiration that will motivate you to give the best of yourself during your workouts. Your loved ones, certain public figures you admire, as well as your idols can also, in one way or another, help you stay motivated.

Choose a sport you like

The easiest way to strive towards the achievement of concrete goals is to practice a sport that you love. Because by doing what we love, we don’t count the time. We get involved, and things progress naturally. We become good, we gain confidence and the body is transformed (provided, of course, that diet and healthy lifestyle habits are part of it).

Limit distractions

Don’t let distractions distract you. When you’re in training mode, put everything aside for a moment so you can focus on the task at hand. If you decide to do two things at the same time, like reading a magazine while riding your bike, make sure this combination doesn’t affect the quality of your workout. Give 100% so you don’t feel like you could have done more. Post-workout endorphins are euphoric, and you absolutely must not do without them!

Do not be afraid! Results will come with time and hard work. It’s just about persevering. Just keep in mind that with consistent effort, progress, however slow, will occur. And please enjoy the process, because this is not a sprint, but a long race.

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