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Magnolia Dermatology: When to Consider a Mole Removal?


Moles are a common skin development. But those that develop in awkward areas of the body and cause discomfort must be removed. Magnolia Dermatology experts can safely and effectively remove moles from any area of the body. They can easily identify if you have dangerous moles that must be removed right away. If you have uncomfortable or unsightly moles, keep reading to know what to expect from a mole removal procedure:

How Moles are Removed

Dermatologists use different mole removal methods. The method they use depends on your specific case. Often, dermatologists use the following methods:

Surgical excision. In this procedure, a dermatologist will use an alcohol-based antiseptic to clean the affected area and inject a local anesthetic to numb it. Then, they will cut your mole down to your subcutaneous fat layer. Biodegradable stitches will be made to close the incision. Your doctor will test the excised mole for cancer and inform you about the results. 

Shave excision. To remove your mole, your dermatologist will use a razor-like tool. The doctor blends the edges of your mole’s location with the surrounding skin. Since the procedure does not involve making a deep slice, no stitches are required. The removed mole will be tested for cancerous or precancerous cells. 

Push expulsion. The procedure involves using a small tool that has a round blade, which applies pressure to your mole. Once your dermatologist pulls out the tool, your mole is removed. Depending on the mole’s size, the technique only requires a stitch or two. 

Should You Have Your Mole Removed?

Everybody must be confident in their look. However, moles are not only a cosmetic problem. The presence of a mole can mean or cause a skin issue. In some instances, moles are benign, so they don’t have to be removed. But you must consult a doctor to verify the condition of your mole and know whether removal is necessary. 

When is Mole Removal Necessary?

Your dermatologist will assess the removed mole, looking at things such as asymmetry, diameters, color, and other factors. If they think there is a potential for melanoma, they will order a biopsy to rule out or diagnose cancer. Dermatologists look at indicators of a serious issue and recommend appropriate solutions. 

Moles do not only pose an aesthetic issue but can also indicate a medical problem. The process to remove moles is quick and painless as well as can save you a significant amount of money in the future. This means that there should be no reason not to visit a dermatologist for a consultation.

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